Background of AnyWare

AnyWare is a spin-off company part of the Dual Inventive Group. Dual Inventive develops and produces technology products that serve to make working on the railway infrastructure safer and more efficient, to maximize rail capacity, and to improve the reliability of the railway infrastructure.

After successful implementation of asset management and monitoring within the rail domain. More and more companies within other domains asked Dual Inventive to sell their asset management platform as well towards their customers.

From January 2021 Dual Inventive Group started a new company: AnyWare. AnyWare uses the unique proposition of delivering an end2end monitoring system to digitize simple inspection tasks.

The name AnyWare is born in 2020 when we saw the different technical elements that gave us the chance to solve problems in different industries. The key of those solutions always was the combination of Hardware and Software. With this solution we had the possibility to get insight in our Assets Anywhere in the world. This combination brought us at AnyWare.

AnyWare is located in the city centre of Tilburg. Tilburg is a city that with a lot of different start-ups and technical companies. AnyWare is joining different network clubs and associations to share knowledge and create new use-cases within different industries and domain.

Check the AnyWare brand video!