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Rail AnyWare

Increase Rail Capacity

By using modern IoT technology, you can monitor the real-time status of relay rooms remotely, wherever and whenever you choose. The Rombo in combination with our cloud and applications ensures that you will no longer be confronted with surprises and failures.

The measurements taken by the Rombo are sent to our cloud platform, that allows you to monitor all of your real-time data. As soon as set thresholds are exceeded, the right people are alerted immediately by a push notification. All actions subsequently taken are registered in the digital relay room’s asset passport. This makes proactive decision-making about actions to be taken in the future very easy.

More information: www.dualinventive.com 

Building AnyWare

Smart Campus DataHub

For the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven which belongs to the smartest square kilometres in Europe. Our cloud acts, together with the applications, as the DataHub of all their smart buildings and systems. By using our data standardisation and open platform, all kinds of buildings and systems can be linked to each other to detect anomalies and add new "smart applications" to the campus. In this way, both users and facilities are provided with ultimate service.

condition based maintenance AnyWare

Oil Condition Monitoring 

Des-Case/RMF Systems is a world leader in designing innovative solutions for protecting lubricants from contamination. The lifespan of any piece of mechanical equipment is directly related to how well-lubricated the part is during operation, but the quality of a lubricant can be negatively impacted by moisture and other contaminants. 

We provide full integration with the Insight IoT platform via edge gateways. As all important sensor values are now stored in the cloud, there is insight into the status of the environment at any time, and the historical course of sensor values are made available for analytics. The specialists of Des-Case/RMF Systems will analyse this data and can define alarms so that a corrective action can be initiated in the event of an imminent violation of threshold values. 

More information: www.descase.com

Use Case video

Our use case video of Smart cooling towers for "From Sensor to Data"