The AnyWare platform is compatible with all different devices and data systems. We support different protocols and have documented API's.
To be able to deliver an end to end solution we have an own device portfolio as well.

Dimo AnyWare


With its internal reed contact, Dimo can monitor opened doors or movement at doors on its own battery for years. Install it with tape and start monitoring doors, gates and shutters 24/7.

Monitor any digital signal with Dimo. Connect the digital input of a surveillance relay to Dimo and make the surveillance relay wirelessly connected. When the monitoring relay exceeds the threshold, the signal is sent to our platform.

Dimo comes as a service with the end to end AnyWare platform for more information check: AnyWare Platform

Rombo AnyWare


Total control with Rombo-III. The multi-use-case IoT device is capable of monitoring anything you can think of such as: 
measuring battery conditions, broken cables, digital and analogue signals, temperature, humidity and light intensity. Besides reading information, Rombo can also switch via its 2 built-in relays.

Although many usage scenarios can be covered by the on-board equipment, sometimes more specific monitoring is needed. Therefore, Rombo has the ability to connect I2C or Current Loop sensors to create an unlimited number of possibilities.

The DIN-rail mounting enclosure makes it very easy to install it in any industrial environment and the internal battery ensures that Rombo-III can send alarms even when there is no working electricity.

Rombo AnyWare


The process for brewing beer is almost a science. The right temperature, pressure and timing are crucial for the perfect result. In early 2021, we installed a Rombo X. The temperature and pressure sensors had already been used and connected to a display in the brewery itself. Through the Rombo X gateway, we have a non-intrusive way to read the sensor values and make them available in our platform Insight. Plug-and-play with their existing infrastructure. The installation added a lot of value as:

- Staff no longer need to be on site to check temperature and pressure to start a new action in the process
- Thresholds allow defective valves or coolers to be spotted immediately and appropriate action to be taken without wasting a batch
- With the collection of historical data, the brewery can use the measured parameters to determine what made a good batch of beer.

Rombo-X comes as a service with the end to end AnyWare platform For more information, check: AnyWare Platform