Our Features

The unique features of our AnyWare Cloud platform

We use ''IPSO smart objects'' to instantly standardise and label all data coming into our cloud. This way, the data is directly usable and analysable with data from other sources but also suitable for direct use in AI applications, for example.

Our cloud does not use any third-party services, so everything is developed in-house. We offer a private cloud where data is only processed by systems managed by us.

We have an open platform, which means that data from other devices, systems or applications is welcome to be accessed via services or REST APIs. Of course, delivering data back is also possible, for example ERP systems or financial systems.

On top of our cloud, we have built several web and mobile applications that make the data instantly useful for different parts of your business. 

Together with our International development team, we continuously work in sprints on our cloud technology and applications. This guarantees continuous improvement and new functionalities. In addition, you as a customer are able to come up with ideas that will be on our roadmap.

We offer an end2end system which means we deliver from sensor/edge gateway to the applications for analysts and/or mechanics to our customer. It is one solution to start remote monitoring and servitization


Check our short platform demo here!